Boho Cowgirl Bedroom Refresh for under $300!

Boho Cowgirl Bedroom Refresh for under $300!

This month has been nothing short of a RODEO of new projects, side hustles and adventures out west--but I was lucky to squeeze in a quick project for my sweet (and lil') friend Lola. Lola is a bona-fide cowgirl, but additionally creates amazing abstract acrylic pieces on canvas. She needed a "grown up" studio space with a desk and a refreshed look in her bedroom. I married rustic textures with bright patterns and bohemian motifs to create a simply styled space she can create and rest in! Check out the full flip below! P.S. We did it all for under $300.


Planting in Up-Cycled Containers

Planting spring annuals in recycled containers

Tutorial and Styling by Lindsey Crafter
Photography by Laura Barnes Photo

'Tis the season for pollen and beautiful blooms! See my tips for planting in up-cycled containers below. As for allergies, you're on your own! 


Fabric Wrapped Bedside Table with Fabric.com

I created this post for Fabric.com and have cross-posted here for my readers! Scroll down to click through to their post for the full DIY steps!

I've had this project on the back-burner in my brain for AGES. I love the dressy look of fabric wrapped console tables, so I tackled the perfect tester project with a basic Ikea Side Table as a proof of concept. Stay tuned for MORE fabric wrapping tutorials and tips!

Make a fabric wrapped side table | ikea hacks

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