Darling Indoor Gardens

Are you a crazy plant lady? Do you think you know someone who might be a crazy plant lady? Well there's help: adorable indoor gardens you can make yourself. I've rounded up my favorite herb planter ideas for all urban gardeners. See sources below the photographs!

I love this precious pegboard situation by Sweet Paul. I think it would look adorable with mismatched mugs from goodwill.

Delightful drawers found on The Garden Love

I love the idea of using a trellis to occupy a narrow wall -- by the lovely magician Mandi over on Vintage Revivals

I love how Justina from The Jungalow styled this hanging basket from World Market -- I'm doing this one for sure. 

How great is this wire version of a trellis planter with Ikea kitchen organizers as the planters?  Project by Lana Red Studio

Have a indoor garden project you'd like to add to the list? Link it below and I'll add it to the roundup!

xo Lindsey Crafter 


  1. So cool. I especially love indoor succulents.

  2. As in the case of conventional gardeners who carry out their tasks outside, indoor gardeners also require the necessary equipment to perform their chores. Mars Hydro review

  3. beautiful garden. But you need equipment like led grow light or grow tent for this.
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