Make Hammered Brass Jewelry

Did you know you can create your own hammered brass jewelry in just a few hours with a few basic tools? This rudimentary form of jewelry making is easy enough for beginners and can result in finished pieces that look like they were purchased from your favorite Etsy shop. I've partnered with eHow to share the simple steps! 

Make hammered brass jewelry

Click through here to see the full tutorial over on eHow! 

Make hammered brass jewelry

I linked together several shapes to create a geometric chain choker! Hammering metal also happens to be a GREAT stress-relieving activity.

Make hammered brass jewelry

How cute are these drop earrings with a bright blue patina?! I used a q-tip dipped in fingernail polish remover to distress the patina formula and create a more authentic texture.  They're surprisingly lightweight and look great with my favorite striped T-shirts. 

Make hammered brass jewelry

Click through to my article on eHow to get the steps! 
xo Lindsey Crafter

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